Note: All the files listed below are in .zip format, which means you will need Stuffit Expander (MAC) or Winzip (WIN) in order to unzip the files and use them on your computer. Shift+Click in Netscape to download the zip files

Latest Free Downloads

Spiral Construction Kit

A set of 25 fun spiral, circular, and other geometric creations. Just load the actions, press play and watch as photoshop turns your computer screen into a spirograph machine.
PS Version: 7.0+
File Size: 11 Kb.
File Contents: 25 Actions

Free Download Pages


A huge selection of my favorite Photoshop Add-Ons: Actions.

Layer StylesFree Layer Styles

What Layer is complete without a great Layer Style applied to it. Download some of my favorite styles here.

PatternsFree Patterns

A selection of some of the Patterns I've created over the past few years.

GradientsFree Gradients

Gradients are some of the most useful and versatile add-ons that you can plugin to Photoshop. Download a few of my favorites here.

Brushes & Custom ShapesFree Gradients

Find some useful Brushes and Shapes that can quickly be used in your designs for painting and object creation.
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