Here you will find many of my Photoshop Tutorials. These range from Basic "how to use the tools" type articles, to more advanced "How the heck did he do that" methods. Feel free to follow along on the journey. If you have any tutorials you would like to see presented, feel free to send me a request and I will consider them.

Latest Tutorial

Frame Layer StylesFrame Layer Styles

Learn how to use my Frame Layer Styles to produce some quick framing effects for your images. One-click Framing, or customize the Layer Style parameters to meet your needs.
Skill Level: Beginner
PS Version: 6.0+
Time Taken: 10 Minutes
Topics Covered: Framing / Layer Styles / Canvas Size / Fills

Tutorial Pages


These tutorials cover Basics, such as how to operate the Tools, Actions, and other common Photoshop stuff.


These tutorials cover photographic techniques and processes using Photoshop as your digital darkroom. See why the program was built in the first place.


These tutorials cover the use of Color in Photoshop, and Color Theory in general.


These tutorials focus on Patterns and Pattern generation in Photoshop. The articles here can be used as pattern recipes.

These articles focus on learning how to Paint in Photoshop, and some creative uses of the Brush tools and painting in general.
Text Effects

These tutorials focus on Text and Font in Photoshop, and how to create some intriguing text effects.
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