Note: All the files listed below are in .zip format, which means you will need Stuffit Expander (MAC) or Winzip (WIN) in order to unzip the files and use them on your computer. Shift+Click in Netscape to download the zip files

Brushes & Custom Shapes

25 Custom Frame Shapes

For use with masking and edge effects. Before downloading, you may want to read my PDF tutorial.
PS Version: 5.5+
File Size: 1 Mb.
File Contents: 25 Custom Shapes

Starburst / Catchlight Brushes

19 brushes you can use to create catchlights in your images to show that wonderful sparkle in reflective light sources. The process to use these brushes is outlined in issue 21 of Photoshop Creative magazine.
PS Version: 5.5+
File Size: 164 Kb.
File Contents: 19 Brushes