Black & White Photo Toolbox

Price: $15.00

Black & White Photo Actions, along with some other Artistic effects. These 5 action sets focus on creating wonderful black & white variations for your photos. Works with Photoshop 6, 7, CS, CS2, CS3 & CS4 (Win & MAC compatible).

Select from a wide variety of actions that produce sketches, Linotypes, High-Key, Low-Key Grunge and Gothic painting effects, blurred, tinted, and solarizations. Many other types of variations are included.

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Also included is a Channel Mixer Variation Action set which creates a quick contact sheet for various Black and White conversions so that you can print out the variations and select the best black and white conversion for your image.

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Channel Mixer Variations
(Contact Sheet)

Many Advanced Photoshop users look to the powerful "Calculations" command to unleash powerful blending options between two images or a single image. I've included 34 Actions to automatically calculate various Calculation commands on a single image. This produces 680 black and white variations on a single image. The results are stored in the Channels palette as separate Channels. The actions each contain the option to split the channels, which essentially produces all the various results as separate images.

With one click, you end up with 24 various CMYK black & white Calculation variations, or 16 various RGB Calculation variations. Use these channels for high-level masking and compositing options, or to try out different approaches to viewing your imagery. You don't have to be a master Photoshop user to harness the power of Calculations anymore. I've taken the hard work out for you.

Results are stored as Channels

The resulting Channels can also be split into separate documents

What's Included?

  • Black & White (Action Set)
    • 23 Black & White Variations
  • Photo Artbox 3 (Action Set)
    • 23 New Photo Effects for any image.
  • RGB Calculations (Action Set)
    • 17 Calculation Actions which produce 272 Channel Variations in RGB Color Mode
  • CMYK Calculations (Action Set)
    • 17 Calculation Actions which produce 408 Channel Variations in CMYK Color Mode
  • Black & White Variations
    • 1 Action that creates a Printable Contact Sheet to locate the best Black & White Channel conversion.

Price: $15.00