Why Shop at ChainStyle?

The Top 10 reasons to shop at ChainStyle

  1. Professional High Quality Photoshop Add-on Software. Great care is taken to produce each and every product. you won't find a dumptruck full of extraneous or boring add-ons that are just slapped together. You will find only the files you need to enhance your photography, graphic designs, scrapbook projects and more. These products pack a punch and can be used for real-world situations or to solve real-world graphic problems. But most of all, they are fun to use!
  2. 100% Original Work. None of these designs or add-ons are ripoffs taken from freebies available on the web. They are 100% authentic, original works by me. You won't find these designs anywhere else on the web.
  3. Designed with Experience. I've worked over 10 years with Photoshop and Adobe applications, written for both Photoshop Creative and PSD Photoshop magazine publications, and featured in Al Ward's Photoshop Productivity Toolkit. In addition, I have developed training programs to teach professionals how to use Photoshop.
  4. Curteous Customer Service and Assistance via phone (781 258-2449) or email (webmaster@chainstyle.com). Any question is welcome and answered to the best of my ability, directly from me. And if I can't answer them, I'll at least try to point you in the right direction.
  5. World-wide shipping and secure payment processing via Paypal (for CD purchases) or ShareIt! (for downloadable purchases). Both companies are renowned world-wide for top quality service.
  6. Functionality Guaranteed! If any of my software does not work or function as explained or intended, then email me directly and I will ensure it is replaced or upgraded with no charge to you. For example, if an action doesn't function in Photoshop, I will replace it for an action that performs the same functionality free of charge. Please ensure you are using a correct version of Photoshop for the product you purchased. Photoshop version compatibility is clearly outlined on each product description page.
  7. Full product documentation and samples. Each product ships with a full sample catalog in PDF format (Mac and Windows) outlining each add-on included in the product package and/or user documentation explaining how to use the product. No other site on the internet provides this level of detail with their photoshop add-on products.
  8. Time-Saving loading and speedy performance. Add-ons are logically grouped into larger sets so you don't need to load each and every add-on separately. For example, actions are grouped into sets of 25, so you load one set and instantly have access to 25 effects. This provides efficient and time-saving loading while keeping your CPU and computer performance speedy. All add-ons are built for speed too and are efficiently designed.
  9. Actions speak louder than words. All action products sold through my site produce layers that are NOT flattened. This means you can adjust any part of the image after the action runs. In addition you can look inside the action, and see how an effect was produced. Not only do you get stunning effects, but you also learn something along the way by delving into the inner workings of my actions.
  10. Above all else, you will have Fun! My products will inspire you, get your creativity flowing, and leave you sitting in front of the computer for hours playing with them and tweaking them for your own needs. You will definitely come away with a whole new arsenal in your photoshop toolbelt.