Pattern Toolkit Bundle

  Price: $50.00

Works with Photoshop 6, 7, CS, CS2, CS3 & CS4 (Win & MAC compatible).

Order all 3 Pattern Generator sets as well as my Pattern (Set 1) together in this all-inclusive bundle! Load up a single image and make thousands of unique patterns at the push of a button! All for the low price of $50.00. That's a $10.00 savings.

Plus the included Bonus Material contains 200 additional actions to produce unique patterns, as well as full documentation on how to load and save custom photoshop presets.

Click the links below to learn more information about each product included in the bundle.


Pattern Generator Actions

Bonus Material

  • Pattern Libraries 1-4
    100 Pattern Generator Actions in 4 action sets
  • Simple Pattern Generators
    75 Simple Pattern Generator Actions in 3 action sets
  • Spiral Construction Toolkit
    25 Spiral Design Actions
  • Photoshop Add-On Guide
    65-Page PDF Guide explaining how to Save and Load most common add-on files
Price: $50.00